Breed to Metallic Cat in 2019 to be eligible for the $300,000 Metallic Cat Incentives.

Incentive to be paid out at the Summer Spectacular in 2019. 

Incentive Rules:

Metallic Cat Incentive 2019: To be paid out at the below listed finals. In the case of a tie the incentive money will be split equally. Incentive money will be paid to the owner at time of showing that also has a 2019 executed contract to Metallic Cat. Rebreeds don’t count.

Derby paying 2 places: Highest advancing – Open, 1st, 100k, 2nd – 40k. Non Pro, 1st – 20k, 2nd – 10k. Unlimited Am, 1st 15K, 2nd – 5k.

Classic Challenge paying 2 places: Highest advancing – Open, 1st – $40K, 2nd – 20K. Non Pro, 1st – $20K, 2nd -10k. Unlimited Am, 1st – 15K, 2nd  – 5k.


Note: All Rocking P Ranch LLC horses sold at Western Bloodstock sales in 2018, will sell with a breeding to Metallic Cat. This breeding will guarantee your eligibility for the 2019 Incentives.

Here is a list to date of paid breeders eligible for the 2019 Metallic Cat incentive.

Alan Woodbury
Anderson Cattle Co
Andrea Luce
Atwood Qtr Horses
Barker Ranch Cutting Hor
Beau Galyean
Beechfork Ranch
Billy Wolf
Bismarck Ranch
Blue Stem Ranch/Kingsley
Burnett Ranches
Casey & Codie Green
Champagne Ranch
Charles Burger
Charles Standford
Circle Y Ranch
Clint & Debby Matthews
Clinton Anderson
Coalson Acres
Cody DeCordova
Coleman Cattle Company
Coyote Rock Ranch
Crown Ranch LP
Dallas Talkington
Danny Jones
Darren Blanton
David Bailey
Diamond Land & Cattle LLC
Diane Churchill
Dick & Glynneth Heyer
Dick Etheridge
DJ Anderson/Utah State
Dwight and Kathi Fisher
Erin Russell
Frank Harrison
Gary Ewell
GCH Land & Cattle
GCH Land and Cattle
Geoffrey Porges
Harland Rodomske
Harry Jones
Heather Jacobson
Holy Cow Perf Horses
J Five Horse Mgt
James & Ellen Russell
James Hooper
Janet Kubichek
Jeff Cline/Joan Haun

Jeffrey Neidhart
Jeffrey Spencer
Jenny Young
Jerry & Patti Gann
Jerry Durant
Jerry Gregory
Jim Crawford
Jim Haworth
Jimmy Miller Smith
Jody Galyean
Joel Colgrove
John & Jana Thacker
Judy Siebel/Bitterroot Sprgs
K & L Phillips
Karen Senn
Karissa Whitman
Kate Robinson
Kathleen Moore
Kathlyn Moore
Kathy Lessard
Kelly Morehart
Kenneth Leroux
Kent & Toni Williams
Kimberly Thome
King Quarter Horses
Knight Land and Cattle
Lach Perks
Lakeside Ranch
Laural Mosier
Leannha Rodes
Linda Hamilton
Lone Oak Perf Horses
Lori & Bobby Gale
Lori B Gale
Lucille Penning
Marilyn and Joe Franz
Mark Johnson
Mark Senn
Marvin & Paulette Teixera
Marvin Marmande, Jr.
Matt / Susan McCulloch
Megan Williams
Nancy Sullivan
Nathen Anderson
Panther Creek Equine

Pat & Lisa Taylor
Pattillo Cutting Horses
Paula Platt
Pem Meyers
Perry Johns
Pete Bonds
Pete Woods
Pitchfork Cattle Co
Ray Brazzel
Reg Koerber
Reagan Lancaster
Rio Roca Land
Robert Thigpen
Roberta Thompson
Rocking 5 Ranch LLC
Rocking P Ranch
Rogers Heaven Sent
Ron Bailey
Rose Valley Ranch
Rosendro Carrasco
Russ Mothershead
Ryan and Joesh Capouch
Salvador Cabral
Sandero Ranch Ltd
Sara Miller
Sarah Sherman
Scott Gray
Scott Murdock
Seth Wooten
Shona Dufurrena
SMF Cutting Horses
South Lazy H Ranch
Star C Land and Cattle
Stella Swanson
Tanner Green
Tanja Allen
Ten/27 Ranch (Quirk)
Teresa Goforth
Thomas & Melissa Sims
Tiffany Manion
Tim Drummond
Todd McMillan
Tristan Parrish
Try Fricke
Ty Moore
Vick & Missy Etheridge
Wes / Lindy Ashlock
Wesley & Kristen Galyean
West Coast Cutting Horses
William Patto