Metallic Cat

Bobby Patton and the Rocking P Ranch to Sponsor the 2018-2020 NCHA Summer Cutting Spectacular

Fort Worth, TX – November 6, 2017 – The National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) and Bobby Patton Jr., of the Rocking P Ranch and the new owner of one of NCHA’s leading stallions Metallic Cat, with sire earnings of $16,416,826 are pleased to announce a new three-year marketing partnership for 2017-2020. The partnership includes the title position for one of NCHA premier Triple Crown events the NCHA Summer Cutting Spectacular held at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth TX every July-August. The new event title will be:

“Metallic Cat NCHA Summer Cutting Spectacular”

Patton expressed his excitement upon purchasing one of the most impressive stallions NCHA has ever seen, he offers his perspective on the NCHA Summer Cutting Spectacular and his enthusiasm as a supporter of NCHA and all its members. “The Rocking P Ranch looks forward to joining the NCHA and bringing new excitement to the “Metallic Cat NCHA Summer Cutting Spectacular,” says Patton. “I have always been captivated with the sport of cutting and now being involved at this level brings a whole new appreciation of the sport.”
In addition to this new NCHA partnership Patton and Rocking P Ranch want to take this opportunity to announce a $100,000 Metallic Cat Incentive Program. This Incentive Program will be paid out at the NCHA Summer Cutting Spectacular in 2023. All Metallic Cat foals born in 2019 are eligible with money to be paid out to the highest advancing foal in the Derby Open. In the event of ties the money will be split evenly.
Chuck Smith, NCHA Executive Director, is equally enthusiast to have Patton on board as a marketing partner for the next three years. “NCHA has a wonderful group of marketing partners” Smith said, “Therefore we look forward to having Mr. Patton and the Rocking P Ranch join NCHA in this new partnership with both focused on growing the awareness of the sport of cutting worldwide for many years to come.

About the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA)
NCHA features two great athletes: One horse and one rider must act as one unit to form a symbolic competition team. They are equals in the competition, anticipating the other’s actions.
Based in Fort Worth, Texas, the National Cutting Horse Association has members around the world. The NCHA governs the sport sanctioning over 1,800 events annually with over $36,000,000 in prize money. NCHA’s premier events include the NCHA Triple Crown, the NCHA Mercuria World Finals, and the NCHA Youth World Finals events held in Fort Worth TX. The Mercuria World Series of Cutting is held at eight (8) locations throughout North America. Locations include South Point Casino in Las Vegas, Calgary Stampede and Ohio Quarter Horse Congress, as well as two NCHA National events in Jackson, MS and Denver, CO.
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