Leading producers of 2016 AQHA cutters

by Cutting Horse Chatter

Metallic Cat is taking over as the year’s leading sire for the first time, after a lengthy streak by High Brow Cat from 2003 through 2015. In 2016, Metallic Cat’s AQHA money earners picked up 3,791,601 (not including money won by several non-AQHA Horses). There were 308 American Quarter Horses in that roster.

Metallic Cat sired six individuals who earned over $100,000 in 2016. They were:
• Metallic Rebel, $154,879
• Meteles Cat, $128,329
• Mistresssis, $118,151
• Stevie Rey Von, $109,177
• Purple Reyn, $102,923
• Maid Of Metal, $100,029

Top AQHA broodmare Sweet Abra was represented by seven money earners in 2016 who earned a total of $280,524. All but $804 of that total came from Metallic Cat offspring.
Her top earner was Metallic Rebel, who made $154,879 in 2016 as the winner of major aged events at The Ike, Pacific Cost Derby, West Texas Derby, and the Pacific Coast Cutting Stakes.

Magic Metallic earned $75,821, including her win at the West Texas Classic.
Magic Metalman earned $43,496 as a finalist in multiple Open and Non-Pro aged events.
Sweet Abra’s other 2016 money earners were Magistic Moon ($3,954), Metallilac ($1,413), Heftty ($804) and Sweet Mystic Metal ($154).