FULL STATS: Leading 5-Year Reined Cow Horse Sires

The 2019 Quarter Horse News Equi-Stat 5-Year Reined Cow Horse Sires Stats ranks the top reined cow horse sires over the last five years.

This article includes the entire Top 5 Year Reined Cow Horse Sires Stats as they appeared in Quarter Horse News magazine.


Sire/# Money-Earners/Avg. $/Total $/Top Performers, $

(Includes all reined cow horse earnings from Jan. 1, 2014, through Aug. 31, 2019, excluding close incentives.)

1. METALLIC CAT   189  $13,756     $2,599,896

Call Me Mitch, $184,818; Cats Picasso, $155,101; Metallic Train, $139,752; Metallic Chrome Cat, $83,593; Metallic Cajun, $72,932; Metallic Freckle, $68,263; Shinen Metallic Cat, $68,104; Metallic Masterpiece, $66,588; Metallic Flame, $65,308; Metalic Dual, $62,032