Metallic Cat Incentive

To be held in conjunction with PCCHA Core Balance Derby in June

$40,000 to highest advancing metallic cat open finalists
1st Place ~ $25,000 2nd Place ~ $10,000 3rd Place ~ $5,000

The Metallic Cat Incentive will be available to all 4 year olds sired by Metallic Cat who compete in the Pacific
Coast Cutting Horse Association Core Balance Derby, held annually in June. Beginning in 2014, all Metallic Cat Foals entered in the PCCHA Open Derby may pay an additional $1,000 and thereupon become eligible for the
Metallic Cat Incentive Purse.

** No monies will be paid in go-rounds. In the event only one horse advances to the finals only $25,000 will be paid. In the event only two horses advance only $35,000 will be paid. In the event no horses advance to the finals, no monies will be paid.

The Metallic Cat Incentive in being offered by the Fults Ranch, owners of Metallic Cat, and may be canceled withoutbnotice, prior to the final entry due date of the PCCHA Open Derby. All Incentive are guaranteed by the Fults Ranch and Metallic Cat. In the event of cancellation, any monies paid by contestants toward the Incentive Purse being canceled, shall be returned. The PCCHA will act as a handling agent of receiving and distributing Incentive Funds.

“Non Pro Bonus”

$5,000 Bonus to any Metallic Cat that wins the PCCHA Non Pro Derby in June. (No additional fee charge).